Analysis and quality indicators

Our strategic partnership begins with an analysis on the current teaching systems in vocational training, focusing on the motor vehicle sector in the three participating partner countries. In the process, partners research what opportunities of joint learning in vocational schools and higher education there are in the current system and what factors inhibit it. The result is the preliminary concept of the innovative learning environment, which are tested over the course of the project so that modifications are possible.

Developing learning models

In cooperation with vocational training institutions and universities, “Learning e-Mobility Plus“ (further) develops teaching systems with learning material for use in vocational schools, as well as in company and inter-company vocational training. These systems are prepared by involving students (future engineers) as developers and tested by apprentices (as future skilled workers) and checked for their suitability.

In Posen

Dissemination and implementation of multiplier Events

Several dissemination activities such as seminars, conferences and expert workshops (multiplier events) are taking place simultaneously in the project countries. With regards to topics, they deal with electromobility as a joint challenge to vocational training institutions and universities, and the development of innovative learning environments for inter-company training centres. The workshops offer representatives from the authorities, experts and academics, as well as teaching staff and trainers, the opportunity to exchange experience and create methodical approaches.

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Guidelines and recommendations

„Learning e-Mobility Plus“ produces guidelines on the implementation of innovative learning environments in apprenticeships, using the example of electromobility. These guidelines summarize all project results and formulate recommendations for actors of vocational training, universities/research and companies in the EU.